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Hydro Chute

Chute Servicing, Repairs, Renewals and Fire Compliance Specialists

Fire safety in tower blocks is a high priority for both residents and building managers. Neglect of the bin chute, linen chute or laundry chute in a building can lead to significant fire risks, endangering both lives and property.

With our service centres located in London and Bradford, our fully trained Fire Certification Technicians and Engineers provide an unrivalled level of service ensuring full compliance with the latest legislation nationwide.

HydroChute’s expertise extends to the manufacture and installation of new chutes, hoppers and fire closure plates where existing installations have reached end of life. All our products meet or exceed current British Standards, ensuring our clients receive best value for investment over many years to come. Our manufacturing capability eliminates the need for our clients to bring in any 3rd party suppliers.

Our clients include Local Authorities, ALMO’s, FM Companies, Housing Providers, NHS Hospitals, Building Managers and many more.

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Hydro Wash

Commercial Bin Cleaning and Sanitisation & Disinfecting Services

With our fleet of specialist bin cleaning trucks, we clean thousands of bins and bin chutes across the UK every month. Some of our clients have hundreds of sites, with different waste streams emptied on different days.

Our logistics department has many years of experience planning and scheduling this type of work.

Our specialist bin cleaning service also includes the sanitisation of hazardous waste bins such as clinical waste bins used in the NHS.

We also provide sanitisation services to outside areas such as playgrounds, seating areas, handrails, building entrances and much more.

Our processes kill pathogens and viruses on hard surfaces, reducing infection risks and improving safety.

Sanitised and de-odourised environments promote health and safety for all.

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Hydro Roof

Roof and Gutter
Survey & Maintenance.

The roofs and gutters of a property are seldom thought about until disaster strikes. A leak and subsequently costly internal damage can all occur at the most inopportune of times. These types of situations can be avoided if a regular schedule of inspection and maintenance is in place, saving on the panic and expense of putting things right after the event.

We specialise in flat roof refurbishment including high performance hard wearing balcony systems that deliver high resistance to not only the wet British weather but also to constant foot traffic.

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Hydro Force

Bin Cleaning Equipment & HydroTek© US Supplier

Over many years we have developed and built bespoke bin cleaning equipment that can be truck mounted or static. These machines have been successfully used by waste management companies and others across the UK.

Whether your requirement is for high volume bin cleaning in one location, or mobile bin cleaning across multiple sites, our equipment can deliver the solution.

We are also UK distributors for HydroTek© US. Their robust pressure washers are used extensively across the world by industries such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Aviation and many more.

Hydro Tech Maintenance Services

Who We Are

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Our company is founded on the core values of honesty, reliability, and integrity. These values permeate through our business and influence all aspects of our day to day operations. Gaining a detailed understanding of our client’s requirements remains at the heart of our operation. This focus has enabled us to become trusted partners with hundreds of clients, large and small, across the UK.

Our journey began with HydroWash, a specialist waste container cleaning company, primarily supporting Local Authorities, NHS Hospitals, and Housing Managers nationwide. Client demand saw the evolution of HydroChute, a key service provision dedicated to fire compliance, repairs, renewals, and certification of refuse, linen and laundry chutes. In recent times we have also invested in two further divisions. Firstly, HydroRoof caring for all manner of roof inspections, repairs, and responsive maintenance contracts. Finally, HydroForce who not only supply the best of brands when it comes to specialist pressure washing equipment from around the world but also through innovative research, design, and manufacture offers state of the art static and vehicle mounted bin cleaning equipment.

With our sustained investment in training and our commitment to keep in step with all current industry legislation, we continue to be one of the UK's leading maintenance providers and partners.

Hydro Tech Maintenance Services

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